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Leesburg Bikefest Vendors

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Booth Business Name Type of Merchandise
B 03-04 Cycle Tramps New Motorcycle Parts, Kids Tshirts
B 05 Helmet Clips By Plus2 Motorcycle Apparel, Acces, Luggage, Helmets, Novelty Items
B 06-07 Patch Stop Patches & Sewing
BC 08 Dr. Tina Bennett Chiropractic
BS 01 Bikefest Merchandise Tent
BS 02-04 Biker Jewelry Biker Jewelry
DC 01 Speedster LED LED lights Install
DS 01-03 Passion Clothing, Inc Patches/Sewing/Ladies Clothing
E 01-02 Ring Zone Sterling Silver & Stainless Steel Rings, Chains, Earrings, Pendents. T-Shirts, Belt Buckles
E 03 Lifeback Enterprises DME including back braces, knee braces and more. All Medicare/Tricare approved
E 05 DPS Specialties Metal statues, such as, motorcycles, musical figures, sport figures, gift items, bandanas
E 06 Four Star Homes Inc specialize in manufactured home resales and have a real estate department
E 07 Wicked Entertainment Games, Gifts, Leather
E 08 Ride Forever Sunglasses: Transition Riding Glasses, Riding Glasses & T-Shirts
E 09 Relief Clinic Clinic that recommends medical marijuana treatments to the State of FL
E 10 Sprint Store by Arch Telecom Sprint Products and Services (Mobile Phones and Accessories
E 11 Bath Fitter Bathtub/ shower remodeling, Providing info, no direct sales
E 12 Orange Irrigation/ Open Road Rides APP Promoting Open Road Rides App
E 13 Harts and Harveys Nascar memorabilia, remote control electronics
E 14 Humana Medicare Insurance
F 01-02 Motorcycle Gears and Accessories motorcycle gear and accessories; helmets, gloves, boots, leather vests and jackets, saddle bags, patches, face masks, phone holders, cup holders, rain gear, t-shirts, etcÉ
F 03 Fashionable Magnetic Jewelry Handmade Magnetic Jewlery
F 04 New Spirit Jewelry Jewelry
F 08 J and P Cycles company info booth and literature handouts
F 09-10 Chrome Premium Cigars formally Clint Cigars Cigars, Cigarettes, Lighters
FH 01 Azure Water Company
FH 02 Tortuga Glass Dichroic glass jewelry for women; all handcrafted by owner
FH 03 Cutco Cuttery culinary tools, flatware, sporting knives, cookware
FH 04 Bad Ass Ring Company handcrafted jewelry, skull rings, wallet chains
FH 05-06 Dreaded Redhead silver and gemstone rings, pendants, pusrses, bags, scarves, tie dye, youth and adult clothing
FH 07 South FL Labs, LLC supplement company
FH 08 New Vision Entertainment Services of FL Instant photo booth with props and lights, sale of pictures of customers with or without frames and passing out info regarding services they provide
FH 09 Sensations Jewelry Stainless & Silver Jewelry, Misc
FH 10-11 BaxMAX honey based skin products and back supprt that is lightweight and breathable with compund pulley system
FH 12 Off-Center shirts with original designs printed on very soft fabrics along with greeting cards
FH 13 Full Throttle Warranty extended warranty for motorcycles
FH 14 LB Enterprises SJ 4000 cameras, The Pony Cap, Glo Bandz-LED light up glasses
FH 15 Reo Releaf All natural pain relief/ anti-inflammatory made from 100% essential oils
FH 16 SUGAR BLING/Blingtastic Boutique Rhinestone shirts, hats, dresses
FH 17 Doggie Duds Dog harness, dog clothes, leather vest,
FH 18 Icicles Eyewear Icicles Eyewear
FH 19-21 Step N Glitz Miss ME Jeans,Purses, Women's Clothing, Cowboy Boots and Hats Custom Jewelry,
FH 22-24 Sanity Jewelry Stainless Steel Jewelry
FH 25-26 Token of Health Daytona Past Event Tshirts, Vest Extensions, Kids & Ladies Apparel
FH 27-28 Azure Water Company Bottled Water (private label)
FH 29 The Spot Family Jewelry, knives, and clip bags
FH 31 Matteo Mio Corp. Leather handbags, jackets, belts, and wallets
FH 32 AIM Legal Assistance
FH 33 Future Vision Cell Phone Accessories/Glue
LB 01 North Lake Detach. Marine Corps League Marine Corps League Information
LB 02-03 Full Throttle Magazine Free Magazine
LB 04 AAA South Information On AAA Benefits
LB 05 Retreat Premier Addiction Treatment Centers Premier addiction treatment centers for drug and alcohol substance abuse
LB 06 Tobacco Free Florida Provide information about the free resources from Tobacco Free Florida for persons interested in tobacco cessation
LB 07 Sojourner's Recovery & Wellness Biker's Against Trafficking, addiction and substance abuse
Lifestream Square Ride Like a Pro Motorcycle training/show
M 01 Hot Leathers Leather Jackets, vests, chaps, gloves,saddle/travel/tour bags & more
M 02 Biker Legend/Daccache Ridewear Clothing & Accessories
M 04 Make My Day Jewelry, LLC Gemstone bullet jewlery, bullet gremlin bells, bullet doorknockers,
M 05 Progressive Insurance
M 06-07 Unleashed Design Jewelry, Corsets, Belts, Flipflops & Apparel
M 08-09 INKED Magazine
M 10-11 Tail of the Gator T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hats, Patches, Pins & Acces
M 12 Azure Water Company
M 13 Warrior Creek Inc Leather, Canvas Holster Purse, Leather Hip Belts, Leather Jewelry, Copper Moonshine Jewelry & Lace Boot Socks
M 14-15 Silver Mine Handmade Anklets, Mens Custom Made Stainless Steel Jewelry
M 16 Silver Mine (Stuff 4 U) Hairwraps/ Ponywraps/ Combs
M 17-18 Rumbling Pride LED Lights, Kuryakyn, Motorcycle Flags & Mounts, Installations
M 19 VIA Entertainment Entertainment center, bowling, arcade, golf carts, and food bar
M 24 Patch Stop Patches and SewingÉLeather vests and accessories, ladies tops, stickers, etcÉ
M 25 Leon Leathers Leather Shirts, Sunglasses, Hats, Boots, Belts, TeeShirts & More
M 25 b Cherokee Blue Ridge Run Cherokee Motorcycle & Music Festival
MG 01 911 BikerLaw Legal Services
MG 03 Snaptastic Jewelry LLC snap jewelry, clothing, headwraps
MG 04 Jaime Melissa Cosmetics Lipsense by Senegence Cosmetics
MG 08-09 Sew Right Sew Right USA
MG 10 MSECH Man Sterling and Stainless Steel Jewelry
MG 11 Raving Psycho LLC All metal American made smart phone/GPS mounts, USB chargers, dring holders
MG 12 Extreme Cycle Radio Motorcycle Radio System, Parts & Acces
MG 13 Reckless Motorcycle Motorcycle Fairings
MG 16-17 Wyndam/ Backyard Advenures Sweepstakes to win a car
MG 18-20 The Spot Family Jewelry, knives, and clip bags
MG 21 Discover Vacation Cruise & Travel Display
MG 21a & b Faith Parks Novelteeze DIY Jewelry, zoddball geometric, flags, toe thongs, hand made hair ties
MG 23 Bull Hog Brand Co, LLC T-shirts, hats, koozies, stickers
MRK 01-04 BullDog Leathers Patches, Sewing, Phoney Tails, Stickers, Cheap vests, Accessories
MRK 05-06 Marty's Cigars Cigars
MRK 07 Bob's Oil Amsoil Products
MRK 08-10 Unleashed Design Jewelry, Corsets, Belts, Flipflops & Apparel
MRK 11 American Iron Outfitters Leather Vests, Chaps, Jackets, Corsets, Gloves, Bells, Pins
MRK 12-13 Suncoast Reflective Corp Night Safety Shirts, Patches & Stickers
MRK 14-16 Bad Attitudes Women Apparel, Rhinestone Belts, Purses, Wallets, Costume Jewelry, Stainless, Hair Acces
MRK 20 Motorcycle Rally USA Past Event Merchandise: Tshirts, Clothing, Apparel & Acces
MRK 21-23 Vizon Extreme HD Cameras, Cell Mounts, CPS Mounts, Drink Holders, Electric Acces
MRK 24 My Liberty Threads American Made T-Shirts & Blouses
MRK 25 Ride Forever Sunglasses: Transition Riding Glasses, Riding Glasses & T-Shirts
MRK 26 Historical Research Center Family Histories and Family Crest
MRK 27 Pink Lotus Healing Massage Chair Massage
MRK 28 True Frequency Products Frequency Jewelry/ Pain Relief
MRK 29 Leon Leathers Leather Shirts, Sunglasses, Hats, Boots, Belts, TeeShirts & More
MRK 30-31 Time Saver Jewelry Stainless Steel, Name Rings, Name Jewelry
MRK 32 Metro PCS Metro PCS promo items
MRK 33 Buzzard's Custom Coatz Powder coated and logo-ed stainless stell drinkware
MRK 34-36 Silver Fantasyland Sterling, Gold & Stainless Jewelry & Acces. Transition Sunglasses
MRK 37 Icicles Eyewear Icicles Eyewear
MRK 38 Magic Smoke formerly Casual Cigars Cigars, Lighters, E-Cig, E-Liquid, Decorative Handmade Pipes
MRK 39-40 DareDevil Durags Rhinestone Durags
MRK 41 Bounty Hunter Hats Custom Hats: Bands, Straw & Leather
MRK 42-45 Tennesse Leather Chaps, vests, jackets, saddlebags,accessories, &helmets
MRK 50-51 Chaps and Bags, LLC Patches/Sewing, Chaps, Vest & Vest Extenders, Purses, Halters
MRK 52-53 Bikefest Merchandise
MRK 54 7th Son Boots, Vests, Chaps, Cordora Jackets, Helmets, all kinds of Bags
MRK 61 Ring Around the Tosy Toe Jewelry
MRK 62 Banana Boat
O 02 Azure Water Company
O 03 Chainz by the Inch Different types of chains cut into jewelry
O 04 Alexandria United Group, LLC Heat press shirts
O 05 Passion Clothing, Inc Patches, sewing, jewelry,ladies clothing, pins
O 06 Monster Brite LEDS LED Lights & Install
O 07 American Iron Outfitters Leather Vests, Chaps, Jackets, Corsets, Gloves, Bells, Pins
P 00 Mark Acree Photography photos, keychains
P 01-02 Marketing by Melody Ladies Bling Clothing, Purses, Boots, Jewelry
P 03 Badass Cigar Company Cigars
P 04 Uniquely Phyllis Large ladies dresses, handmade jewlery, sugar skulls, motorcycle jewelry
P 05-06 Air Chairs High quality, self-inflating, lounge chairs
P 07 Big Boy Knives Knives, Self defense items, safety glasses
P 08-09 USA CoolHats Bandanas, headbands, hats,facemasks
P 10-11 Emporium Sunglasses Designer Alternative Sunglasses & Riding Glasses
P 13 Token of Health Daytona Past Event Tshirts, Vest Extensions, Kids & Ladies Apparel
P 14 Trinity K-9/ Leashes by Liz handmade leashes, collars, and bandanas for pets
P 15-17 Millennium Sunglasses
Lucky U Renegade Cigar Company Cigars, accessories, shirts
RH 01 Allstate Insurance Promoting Allsate Ins Products, Sweepstake for a Bike Giveaway
RH 02 SKY Powersports of Lakeland Indian & Victory Motorcycles, Slingshot Motorcycle, Clothing & Acces
RH 03 MCR Safety personal protection equipment, gloves, glasses, and garments
RH 04-05 Thug Custom Cycles T-shirts and hatsÉ.displaying motorcycles
S 01 Outlaw LED Headlights, tail lights, LED lighting and related accessories, audio parts and related accessories, fold-up scooters
S 02 Upholstery Man Motorcycle seat upholstery
S 03 TAB Preformance, Inc. motor cycle exhaust, air filters, and tuning systms-doing free installs on location
ST 01 RM Leather Patches & Sewing, Leathers & Accessories
ST 02 Bodywork Therapy and Lifestyle Resuable hot and cold packs and physical therapy on the go units
ST 03 Christian Motorcycle Association Handouts, Sunday Service, Music
ST 04-06 Motorcycle Rally USA
ST 09-11 Wall of Death
ST 15 GEICO Insurance. Giveaways: Bandanas, Helmet Bags, Koosizes, Kickstand Plates, Polish Cloth, Lip Balm
ST 18 Progressive Insurance Flo's Chop Shop
ST 19 Desert Rocks It Oysters with Pearls, necklaces and bracelets
ST 20 Bikers Against Heroin USA T-shirts, koozies, stickers, patches, and past event shirts
ST 21 Pure Popcorn LLC Pre-packaged gourmet popcorn
ST 22 Hair Wear Originals interlocking hair combs for women who ride, hair lacers, hair spirals with charms, biker key chains
T 01 Stompers Boots, Inc. Boots, Socks, Boot Accessories
T 03 CMA per Townsend CMA
TE 01 Cycle Solutions, Inc Motorcycle Dyno Tuning, Performance Part Install & Sales.Full Service Oil Changes
TE 02 Hog Wild Detailing, LLC mobile detailing, selling bug slide, Epoch Eyewear
TE 04 Biker Nation Jeans, Ladies clothing(Liberty Wear), shorts, purses, wallets, and some jewelry
TE 05 Millennium Sunglasses Sunglasses & boots
TH 03-05 Knight Lite LED LED Lights & Install
TH 06 ProNasty Cycles LLC T-shits, hats, and display motorcycles for display purposes
TH 07 Zen Festival Wear Retro Art and Band T-shirts, sundresses, handmade backpacks, bags, sunglasses, has, folk instruments
Th 10-11 Debria's Designs Stainless Jewelry, Name rings
TH 12-15 CML Unlimited LLC (TNT Biker Apparel) Men's & Ladies Apparel, Headgear, Gloves, Bags, Sunglasses, Wallets
TH 22-24 Topline Merchandise Past Event Merchandise: Tshirts, Clothing, Apparel & Acces
TH 25-26 Blings n Things Biker Jewelry & Bottle Caddys
TH 27 Hats by K*Star Krafts Kangaroo leather crushable hats/ buffalo leather crushable hats, womens hats(all SPF 50) boat, steampunk hats, cowboy/ cowgirl hats
TH 28 Earth Tribe Designs Leather pocket belts, Leather bags, backpacks, briefcases, natural and silver jewelry
TH 29-31 One Sexy Biker Chick Women's & Men's Apparel & Acces
USB Bikefest Merchandise
USB Ride Like A Pro Rider Skills Show. Sell Videos & Books
304 Main Street Motorcycle Rally USA Past Event Merchandise: Tshirts, Clothing, Apparel & Acces